Peter Rabbit in the Garden of Hill Top Farm

Die drei Leben der Beatrix Potter

Am 4. September 1893 saß Beatrix Potter auf dem sonnenbeschienen Rasen vor Eastwood House im schottischen Dunkeld und schrieb einen Brief an ihren kleinen Freund Noel: On 4th September 1893 Beatrix Potter sat on the sunny lawn in front of Eastwood House in Dunkeld, Scotland and wrote a letter to her little friend Noel: „ I don’t know what to write to you, so I … Continue reading Die drei Leben der Beatrix Potter


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Vom Steinkreis bis zum Kreisverkehr “I can fancy sitting all a summer’s day watching its shadows shorten and lengthen again, and drawing a delicious contrast between the world’s duration and the feeble span of individual experience. There is something in Stonehenge almost reassuring; and if you are disposed to feel that life is rather a superficial matter, and that we soon… Continue reading Circles